My Story



As a child, I always had a strong intuitive side and was deeply empathic. I have had many experiences that would be considered “unexplained “, and a strong connection to those in spirit.


But like most of us do, I walked around with emotional trauma for most of my life stemming from childhood sexual abuse, an emotionally abusive first marriage, having to close a business my husband and I poured everything in to, and the physical loss of my beautiful father …. always searching for answers and for my purpose.


Shortly after my father crossed over, I was invited to attend a healing circle.  That experience was life changing for me and I was eventually trained in the technique that I use now, along with intuitive and mediumship readings.

My focus is on staying happy and healthy and helping others do the same.  Through energy healing, intuitive and mediumship abilities my goal is to help others find balance, clarity and peace both emotionally and physically.


I am passionate about self – growth, self – healing and learning. I regularly attend classes in my field.

I offer my clients a space to relax, gain insight, and heal.