VICTORIA PUENTES - san antonio, tx


"I met Kathy over a year ago.  From the moment I met her I felt an instant connection with her. Her presence was always so warm. Angelic. Friendly.

I didn’t know her well but I knew that anytime I was around her I always felt amazing.

The same day I met her she was able to reconnect me (through her mediumship) with my grandmother who passed 5 years ago. To make a long story short the gift she has goes everywhere with her.

After the first day I met her when she relayed messages from my deceased grandmother, I instantly wanted to try reiki. I went to her home and the rest is just unbelievable...

There are many people whom claim to have “psychic” gifts and or abilities to see the future.

Kathy’s gift is much more beyond that. Her gift of healing along with the ability to connect us with the afterlife is far more in depth and detailed. It astonished me the very first time when she brought up my deceased mother whom had so much to say to me. Only my mother could have said those exact words that Kathy relayed. I left her house after the first reiki and I couldn’t believe that people on this earth truly have this extremely rare gift. Her gift is beautiful and has allowed me to better move forward with my life after experiencing so much grief and loss. I live more comfortably knowing that my mother is close by.

I have had several reiki sessions with her already and each was unique and different. Her intuitive ability has helped me tremendously in so many life situations.

For example, she is able to guide me to trust the right people by giving me an ethical insight if they are trustworthy human beings. Granted, we are all humans with faults, however she is able to tell me if I can or cannot trust a person or situation.

Another situation where she truly was a lifesaver was when I was in Miami for a bodybuilding competition in November of 2017. I felt extremely sick from the lack of calories, sugar, water, etc.. I had the absolute worst migraine of my life. I get them often but not like this day it was truly PAINFUL as it was interfering with a toothache from a wisdom tooth I should’ve had taken out years ago. I never cry but this pain was probably a 12 on a scale of 1-10..

I reached out to her via text and she told me to go in a quiet room and close my eyes..

45 minutes to an hour passed and she managed to bring my pain down to almost non-existent. It meant so much to me and to this day I’ll never forget it. I could go on and on about her now.

I’d trust her with my life.

I know that she uses her rare- one in a million type gift to ethically serve others and their needs."

donna - ontario, canada


"My grandmother passed away over 12 years ago. Kathy was able to tell me things that there is no way she could possibly know. She talked about knitting dolls – my grandmother always knitted dolls and clothing for us. She talked about her chair and how tiny she was! She picked up on her heavy English Irish accent, and my grandmothers lack of patience and sense oh humor. My grandmother pointed to her tummy to show Kathy that she had been ill, my grandmother passed away from stomach cancer. She wanted me to know that that she could see I was not being treated well and that she didn’t want that for me. She passed a message to my mom, letting her know that she is proud of my mom and that she was sorry that she couldn’t always show her the love that she needed. This brought such a comfort to my mom and I know that my mom was able to heal some wounds. Kathy also spoke of a robe full of flowers that my grandmother gave to my mom. My mom was so shocked and excited by this. It confirmed it for my mom, she knew it her mom reaching out. My mom and I cried over the phone when the message was being passed along.


I have known Kathy for going on 2 years now. And she has become such an amazing friend and confidant. She has a heart of gold and although we have never met in person I feel as if we have. I am so lucky to her as my friend and in my life. I would do anything for Kathy, and I hope she knows she has a friend in me for life."



"...I learned from my friend that evening that Kathy was a Reiki practitioner.  I had never considered energy healing but I wanted to give it a try because I was in pain.  I had a surgery on my foot in November and I was in need of knee surgery.  My back hurt and I had put on a significant amount of weight.  I did not feel like my self, my recovery was not on track.  I had taken a stab at traditional western medicine to help me feel better but I really did not have the relief I needed to function.

At my first session, she distributed the energy for a better balance and encouraged me to speak my truth and then she shared with me that there were others in the room that attended my session.  My father who had passed away on New Year's Eve 2017 was in the room.  He was insistent that Kathy tell me that "he was sorry".  She was able to communicate all the things that he was apologizing for and a lump in my throat just about choked me before I could finally shed the tears.  It was what I so desperately needed to hear.  It was what he so desperately needed to tell me.  I did not expect that.  In a short amount of time she was able to tie up loose ends that had kept me awake at night, kept me isolated from family and in physical pain.  It was so unbelievable.  I wanted to tell everyone and no one at the same time.  I shared with my brother and eventually my mother.  They did not completely understand but it did not matter - that experience was for me, from my dad and I am so grateful that I was able to receive that gift.

My second session was booked the day right before my knee surgery.  I thought it would be a good idea to have a calm heart and mind prior to my surgery.  Besides my physical pain, Kathy picked up on a very real emotional pain that I was experiencing.  She spoke to it clearly and directly and again, I shed tears.  How did she know this?  She saw my guilt and shame and spoke to it.  She complemented me on the path and decisions I made as a parent.  Initially it could be seen as flattery however, when I walked in I did not say a word about what was weighing on my mind.   After all, I was there because of my knee surgery.  She brought clarity to my mind.  She brought me peace.  She reassured me in only the way she could because she truly understood what I was feeling. She felt it, I didn't have the opportunity to mess it up with words.  Finally, when we circled back  to my knee - she let me know that my grandmother was going to be there with me the next day in surgery.  That was my paternal grandmother.  She was like my mother.  She was my caregiver before I started school.  I have very vivid memories of her cooking, music, love and her death when I was 19 years old.  It gave me such great comfort and a calm mind to know that she would be with me.  I could not ask for anything better.  My recovery from knee surgery was quick and practically pain free.  I did not take any pain medication.

I won't ever look at Reiki as something to try as a last resort.  It should be at the top of your list for health and well being.  I am so thankful I reconnected with Kathy.  I don't think it was an accident or a coincidence.  She has a gift.  She is a good and honest person.  She uses her gifts for healing.  I have experienced a calm mind and heart.   There is no better feeling.

Rebecca C. - North Carolina


"I had the pleasure of having Kathy do a mediumship reading for me this week via skype. I was anxious, nervous, and excited yet had no expectations due to it being a first for me. Kathy was sweet, calming, and informational prior to connecting and when she did connect, I was blown away. A dear childhood friend immediately came through for me and Kathy described her to a tee. Physical attributes, the relationship we held, and some former memories; all beautiful positive things. My friend then started giving me some personal messages. Messages about my life, and frankly, messages I needed to hear. Everything she said made perfect sense to me and after reflection, I couldn't be more grateful. Not to sound cliché, but the reading was life changing for me. The biggest bonus in this was feeling so connected to a friend who I still speak to in a one-sided manner; I now know she's near, she's ok, and she's looking out for me. Kathy allowed me to ask follow up questions then and even into the next day as they popped in my mind to give me some closure on the experience. It was truly wonderful and something I'll never forget! I'll be using Kathy again for a reiki reading soon for some well-being nourishment and some guidance."



“My Reiki session with Kathy was life changing! I came out of the session feeling lighter, relaxed and joyful. She spoke freedom and love into my life. I recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck in life and wanting to be free from malcontent.”



"WOW! I am blown away!!! Everything that was picked up was 100% spot on. You truly have an amazing gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful read. It left me feeling empowered and protected. Love and light to you always 🙏💖"



 "If anyone is interested in seeing a 100% legit 👌🏼 Intuitive Reiki Healer, then Kathy is the woman to see. She has become a very dear friend of mine since my family suffered our recent loss. I am so thankful to Angela for mentioning her to me 🙏🏼 😘 I had only heard a little bit about Reiki before I met her so I didn’t know what to expect but I was completely at ease after experiencing her gift!!! She has changed my life and is truly gifted! 🙏🏼 My only wish is to spread the joy and amazement that I have experienced through meeting her!"



 "Kathy gave me an amazingly accurate, very surprising reading last night. She brought through my daughter’s uncle who passed away from suicide. She felt immense pain where the wound was inflicted. She described my daughters’ dads house stating there was a pool and a trampoline and that he was looking down protecting the children. Many more details that were brought through were spot on. It was an absolute highlight to my life and I have shared the reading with family members who desperately needed healing after all these years. Her reading was profoundly life changing, and brought so much joy to so many!"



"You made my headache go away and I’m always so much more in tune and balanced when I come see you. There’s no way you could have known all those details, I’m happy I was able to hear from my father."



"This might sound weird, but I’m usually very anxious and stressed, since seeing you I’m not. The pain in my body has gone down. I’ve actual felt happy and I hadn’t in a very long time. Can’t wait to come again. Thank you!"



Dear Kathy , 

Yesterday after the session I felt very emotional for the contact my mother made and all the words she told me. Driving home I started to remember things from my childhood that made a lot of sense with the message my mom delivered; then I felt super tired and took a long nap. I felt immensely relieved . I had a great night of sleep and felt super relax this morning. Still feeling relax and very joyful!

Thank you for allowing  me to have this beautiful encounter with my mother! Her words through you gave me and my family lots of comfort and happiness. It was a huge lost when she passed. What happened yesterday during my session was very important to me, a life changing event that I’ll treasure as one of the most remarkable spiritual experiences in my life!

I am so thankful I met you! God bless you Kathy for the work you do for people! 

Very grateful,





"I was introduced to Kathy through a mutual friend. I was in a dark place in my life, where I felt there was no way out. Initially, Kathy conducted readings for me, which were all 100 % accurate (mostly related to my love and family life). Even though I knew (according to the readings and my conscious) that I should change my behaviour, I was unable to. I was an angry, negative and bitter person. I had then started to look into Reiki. Immediately after my first session I felt a change in my spirit. Reiki helped me confront issues of my past that had come up clearly during my sessions that I had swept under the rug. If I did not come to peace with my past, then how can I be happy in my present? Once those issues were addressed I felt happier, positive and I wasn’t letting small trials and tribulations in life affect my moods. I have NEVER felt this way, I am someone who stresses about anything and everything. Fast forward to the present, if issues come my way depending on how big of course, they do not affect me, it feels so good not to worry. I wanted to CHANGE, I NEEDED to change not just for myself, but for the people around me as well. Of course, Reiki did not help me solve the problems in my life, but it changed the way I perceive them, I take them on, and how I solve them. For reiki you have to put in that work, and you will prosper. 


Kathy, you have truly changed my life. You have brought me to a place in my life I never thought I could be. You take me out of the hole that I dug myself and now I’m so high up that nothing can break me. My family life is much better, my marriage is much happier and I myself am so happy. Thank you for being so patient, thank you for being a great guide and thank you so much for being there for me whenever I needed you."