Mediumship and Intuitive guidance

Mediumship is sacred. It is about providing evidence that your loved ones who have crossed to the other side still exist in spirit. Evidence consists of any information that the spirit conveys through sensations, feelings or images about their life when on earth. The connection is not as clear as a phone call, this is where clarification from you adds to the reading. The information often comes in bits and pieces and can be like putting pieces of a puzzle together. As far as who comes through, I have no control over that. It could be just one loved one or several and I may need your help to sort them out. Some spirit communicators are great at communicating while others are not.


Please keep an open mind to the information that is coming through. Since I am communicating with a soul that no longer has a physical body or a physical voice, that communication is done by the power of thought and symbolism. For instance if see a symbol for a “lemon tree”, they may be trying to convey that they lived on Lemon Street , loved lemons , grew lemons or in the case of one my readings a lemon tree was planted in their honor and their ashes scattered there. 

It is always my goal to do my absolute best for those in spirit as well as loved ones here, but I need your help to do that. Mediumship is a three-way exchange of energy, you, myself and spirit, the more open and loving your energy, the easier it is for me to make and hold that connection.

Physical Death is never The End , because energy never dies.

-Kathy Courtney